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References from ‘Breaking Down the Digital Walls’

I’ve been reading Breaking Down the Digitial Walls: learning to teach in a post-modem world by Burniske & Monke. Here are some references to follow up (holdings at Durham University Library in brackets):

  • Apple, M. (1990) Ideology and Curriculum (Education, 306.43 APP)
  • Birkerts, S. (1994) The Gutenberg Elegies: the fate of reading in an electronic age (not available @ Durham)
  • Bowers, C.A. (1988) The Cultural Dimensions of Educational Computing: understanding the non-neutrality of technology (not available @ Durham)
  • Hutchins, E. (1996) Cognition in the Wild (Main, SLC, 153 HUT)
  • Ihde, D. (1990) Technology and the Life World (not available @ Durham)
  • McLuhan, M. & Powers, B. (1989) The Global Village: transformations in world life and media in the 21st century (not available @ Durham)

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