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References from ‘Schools and the Changing World’

Seasons change
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Today I’m reading Schools and the Changing World: struggling toward the future by Levin and Riffel. The following are references from the book to follow up and the information in brackets is holdings at the library of the University of Durham:

  • Beare, H. & Boyd, W.L. (eds.) (1993) Restructuring Schools (Education, 371.207 RES)
  • Elmore, R. (1992) ‘Why restructuring alone won’t improve teaching’, Educational Leadership, 49, 7, pp.44-8
  • Eraut, M. (1991) Education and the Information Society (Education , 370.285 EDU)
  • Hargreaves, A. (1994) Changing Teachers, Changing Times (Education, 371.1 HAR)
  • Nickerson, R. & Zodhiates, P. (eds.) (1988) Technology in Education: Looking Towards 2020 (not available @ Durham)
  • Rudduck, J., Chaplain, R. & Wallace, G. (eds.) (1996) School Improvement: What Can Pupils Tell Us? (Education, 371.207 SCH)


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