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Links to training sites/blogs from Jim Belshaw

Jim Belshaw

Jim Belshaw (no relation that we’ve figured so far) has been so kind as to post some links to help me with my Ed.D. thesis over at his blog. His aim is to bridge the education/training divide (he is a ‘strategic consultant’ for business looking to improve their performance):

1. Learning Circuits Blog. This e-learning blog sponsored by the American Society for Training and Development provides a useful entry point.

2. eLearning Technology. Tony Karrer’s blog provides a very useful intro to a variety of issues in the on-line training environment.

3. Stephen’s Web. Stephen Downes’ site contains a range of useful material.

4. Jay Cross has two main blogs – Informal Learning and the Internet Time blog.

5. I find Dave Lee’s eelearning because he often comes at issues from a different direction.

6. Brent Schlenker’s corporate e-learning often provides insights especially on technical issues associated with e-learning.

7. Dennis McDonald’s blog on Managing & Living with Technology remains a valuable source of information on developments in the on-line environment.

Thanks Jim! 🙂

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