v0.3 of ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’ now available! [E-BOOK]

Version 0.4 is now available! Click here

The Essential Elements of Digital LiteraciesAs promised, I’ve finished version 0.3 of my e-book The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies before the end of July!

Those who invested in v0.2 have already received their update, according to the OpenBeta process I devised.

You can invest in v0.3 and then get every update to v1.0 by clicking below:






What’s included in this version?

  • Contents page
  • Chapter 2 – What’s the problem? (*NEW!*)
  • Chapter 5 – The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies

If you buy into the book now, you’ll receive the rest of the chapters as I write them – free!

More questions? I probably answered them in this post announcing the e-book!

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Husband, father, educator, consultant. I help people to think and act in more clear and open ways, with and without computers. Ex-@mozilla #digilit #openbadges

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