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Things I Learned This Month – September 2010

Like this? Want it to become a regular monthly thing? Let me know in the comments below!

  • Greg Perry

    Great stuff Doug. You might need to think about getting yourself a .tv domain! What did you use to make it? It looked great!

    • Doug Belshaw

      Good plan. Just used iMovie 09 :-)

      • Greg Perry

        Cool. Got a Greplin invite, by any chance?

        What is *your* perfect salary?

        • Doug Belshaw

          Greplin doesn’t seem to work like that AFAIK!

          My perfect salary? Whatever allows my family to live comfortably within the parameters we’ve set.

          A few years ago we reckoned on £30k combined income. Now, with a larger house and (almost) two children it’s more like £40k. But we could survive on less – although we’d have to move! :-)

  • L Winebrenner

    Doug…love it…but this doesn’t mean you will give up posting the weekly versions of Things I learned does it? I discovered you on Twitter and subscribe to your blog. I don’t always get a chance to comment but I like this monthly video version but would hate to not receive your notice of the weekly things you learned in my RSS feed. Keep up the great job!

    • Doug Belshaw

      Oh, the weekly stuff has priority, definitely. Thanks for your feedback! :-)

  • Nick Hood

    If you can find the time to make it, Doug, I’ll read/view/listen to it.

    • Doug Belshaw

      Awesome, thanks Nick! :-)

  • Kevin McLaughlin

    Absolutely loved this Doug :-D Yet another reason why your blog is essential reading.

    • Doug Belshaw

      …or in this case, viewing! Thanks Kevin. :-)

  • Paul Lewis

    Very good, just could use a bit of music! And you need to maintain eye contact for a few seconds longer in a couple of the clips. But I was most amused and very well informed.

    Carry on! :D

    • Doug Belshaw

      Thanks for the feedback Mr L! :-)

  • Catherine Elliott

    Enjoyed the vid, what’s the app in Number 8?
    Ta, C

    • Doug Belshaw

      It’s called ‘Talking Carl’ and causes mass hilarity with children and adults alike! :-)