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Things I Learned This Month – September 2010


Like this? Want it to become a regular monthly thing? Let me know in the comments below!

14 thoughts on “Things I Learned This Month – September 2010

        1. Greplin doesn’t seem to work like that AFAIK!

          My perfect salary? Whatever allows my family to live comfortably within the parameters we’ve set.

          A few years ago we reckoned on £30k combined income. Now, with a larger house and (almost) two children it’s more like £40k. But we could survive on less – although we’d have to move! 🙂

  1. Doug…love it…but this doesn’t mean you will give up posting the weekly versions of Things I learned does it? I discovered you on Twitter and subscribe to your blog. I don’t always get a chance to comment but I like this monthly video version but would hate to not receive your notice of the weekly things you learned in my RSS feed. Keep up the great job!

  2. Very good, just could use a bit of music! And you need to maintain eye contact for a few seconds longer in a couple of the clips. But I was most amused and very well informed.

    Carry on! 😀

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