A few words on #Remain, #BadgeSummit, and #ISTE2016

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Weeknote 24/2016

This week I’ve been:

Next week I’m spending Monday to Wednesday at home with my family making sure I’m ready for my trip to the US. I’m arriving in Denver on Thursday, keynoting on Friday, running a pre-conference workshop on Saturday, attending ISTE on Sunday, then flying back to facilitate an event for Digitalme in London!


3 Ways Open Badges Work Like the Web [DML Central]

My latest post for DML Central has now been published.


Weeknote 23/2016

What I’ve been up to this week.


Improving the style and content of dynamicskillset.com

A visual update to my consultancy website.


Weeknote 22/2016

What I’ve been up to this week.


Some thoughts and recommendations on the future of the Open Badges backpack and community

Reflections on recent posts and announcements by Mozilla, digitalme, and the Badge Alliance.


Weeknote 21/2016

What I’ve been up to this week.


Do only yogurt-knitting vegans start co-operatives?

An overview of weareopen.coop’s inaugural planning session at Ravensbourne today.


The problem with ‘grit’

Originally a term used to express concern with aristocratic laziness, the term is now used as a stick with which to beat the poor.