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Perhaps we should organise?

I’m not sure what’s going on at the moment in terms of the sectors I work in and the economies to which I pay attention, but people seem to, on the whole, be doing less work. Those who work for themselves as freelancers, or in agencies, or cooperatives (like WAO) seem to be finding it increasingly hard to land clients and contracts. Those who are employed seem to be battling restructuring and layoffs in their working lives.

You know, now could be a good time to organise. Usually, that word is used in the sense of “uprising against our oppressors.” While I’m not against that idea, I mean more along the lines of there’s plenty of things that need doing and fixing in the world, how about we get on and do them?

It’s difficult when you’re under-employed or unemployed. It’s easy to take it upon yourself and feel like you’ve done, or are doing something, wrong. But if lots of people are in the same boat, perhaps the problem is systemic? Perhaps this is a really good time to do something different?

We all need to put food on the table. But maybe we could dedicate some time to coming together to collaborate on long-standing issues that need fixing? Just an idea.