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Important news for subscribers to my weekly newsletter

Many readers of this blog have the good taste to also be subscribers to my newsletter, Things We Learned This Week (TWLTW). A few of that elite group have complained that TWLTW hasn’t been turning up in their inboxes on Sunday as they’ve come to expect.

I don’t like to disappoint, but couldn’t fathom why, all of a sudden, my newsletter wasn’t getting through to some people. Thankfully, I think I’ve found the problem: GMail.

Thanks, Google.

As Ryan Holiday points out, here’s what to do if a newsletter isn’t getting through to your ‘Primary’ tab:

Easiest option

Promotions --> Primary

  1. Find an issue of TWLTW. You may need to check your ‘Promotions’ tab or the Spam folder.
  2. Drag that email over into your ‘Primary’ tab.
  3. Click ‘yes’ when GMail asks if you’d like to make this change permanent.

This should work for 90% of people.

Belt and braces approach


  1. Enter ‘Settings’ within GMail
  2. Choose ‘Filter’ tab
  3. Click ‘Create a new filter’ and enter [email protected]
  4. Click ‘Create filter with this term’ and then select ‘Never send it to Spam’
  5. Click ‘Create filter’

Still not working? I suggest switching email provider. 😉

If you’re not yet one of the enlightened people who subscribe to my weekly newsletter yet then you can rectify that right now by clicking here.

Main image CC BY-ND Dennis Skley