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Weeknote 46/2022

Football pitch with floodlights showing wind and rain.

This time next month we’ll be perilously close to my birthday and, therefore, Christmas. The end of the working year is so close I can almost smell it.

This week, I spent almost the entirety of my Wednesday travelling to London, facilitating an Away Day, and then travelling back. I ended up taking Friday off as a mental health / self-care day. It’s been a topsy-turvy week, and feeling faint at the gym on Saturday morning just topped things off.

At least the Away Day went well, though. The spectacularly-successful LocalGov Drupal project is currently funded by the UK Government’s Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities and aiming to move as soon as possible to being self-sustaining. To do that, the project needed to make several decisions about how to do this, which is what Wednesday was all about. I’ll let the representatives of the project itself tell their own story but I was absolute delighted to have such able co-facilitators in Aaron Hirtenstein and Nathan Brown. We did everything we needed to do, and everyone went to the pub happy.

Our other projects are going well. I’m just kind of on autopilot now, though, until Christmas. Things will get done, but this is not my most creative or energetic time of the year. At all. In fact, I’d happily fast-forward to April as if I were playing Football Manager. I could do with some sun.

Here, I published What does this button do? The perils of being the other side of a screen to an algorithm. I’m sitting with popcorn through the whole Twitter saga, having processed leaving the platform last year, so while this post made reference to the other platform, I was focused on the Fediverse.

On Thought Shrapnel I published:

Next week, I’m back to working from home as usual all week.

Animated gif showing rain and wind during my daughter’s football training on Thursday night.

Weeknote 15/2022

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! This has been the second of my three weeks off work this April. I’m also planning to take three weeks in August, as well as all of December off.

As planned, I mostly spent this week recovering from walking Hadrian’s Wall and doing DIY. I’m not sure if it’s because I walked it so quickly or because I’m getting older (or both) but it pretty much took me a full week from last Thursday to recover.

I’ve painted the decking, stained the fence, drilled and screwed things, listed stuff on eBay, and have generally been on-hand while Hannah worked and the kids were off school. I had visions of playing a lot of video games, but that didn’t really materialise. Two things I did do, though, were to install Asahi Linux on my Mac Mini M1 and to read the excellent novel Drive Your Plow Over The Bones of the Dead. My favourite highlights are here.

Team Belshaw is currently in Croatia after an early-morning flight on Saturday morning. We drove up the coast from Dubrovnik to a little place near Makarska. The photo at the top of the post was last night’s sunset. The view over the Adriatic Sea is magnificent.

The Bora wind started blowing last night and is just easing off now a bit. It’s due to return, though, later in the week. In the meantime we’re planning to explore Split and the Dalmatian coast, do a lot of reading, eat lots of good food, and generally (as my teenage son would say) ‘vibe’.

Weeknote 33/2021

North York Moors

Quick one because I’m tired. This week I’ve…

I only did 13 hours work in total this week, which makes me think that I should have taken August off. Perhaps I will next year.

In terms of writing, here I published:

On the WAO Co-op blog, I published:

I’m also back to adding articles most days to and occasionally to Thought Shrapnel.