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The September Series: weekend microadventuring

Dithered image of sunset taken over a Northumbrian field

September is the best month to go camping in northern England. The harvest comes in, the leaves start turning, and it’s usually dry enough to enjoy an overnighter. Other months are often too hot or too cold.*

On the past three Friday afternoons, I’ve finished work, packed my bag, and walked due north, west, or east respectively. Inspired by The Book of Trespass, I’ve ambled along paths and across fields to find a suitable spot to pitch my one-person tent.

The skies have been magnificent, the evenings warm and the mornings crisp. What it feels like is freedom. Each time, I’m away for no more than 16 hours, yet by the time I return home on Saturday morning it already feels like I’ve enjoyed the equivalent of almost a whole weekend.

Another influence on what I’m grandly calling ‘the September Series’ is the practice of an employee of a former client. He swore by ‘microadventures’ which he took during the working week. His rule was that each one started at 17:00 and then finished with him back at his desk before 09:00 the following morning.

As our kids play team sports, much of the weekend is spent preparing for, going to, and recovering from football matches, basketball games, and the like. By having a microadventure before 09:00 on Saturday morning, I’ve already had some time to myself before spending my time focused on my family.

I’d highly recommend microadventures! If you’re already doing some of your own, perhaps you could share examples kn the comments below?

* although my new sleeping bag may have opened up more months of the year to me!