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Reader survey: 2015 edition

Back in 2012, I created my first ‘annual reader survey’. You can see the results of that here. Despite my good intentions, I haven’t followed that up with a subsequent survey – until now!

Complete 2015 reader survey (4 mins)

As you’d expect, all questions are optional and all responses are anonymous. I’ll leave the survey open while I’m away during August and share back my findingsĀ on my return.

I’d really appreciate your participation – it will only take a few minutes of your precious time! I can only write for an audience I can define. šŸ™‚

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2012 blog reader survey: full breakdown

I’m pleased to announce that I was able to prioritise going through the inaugural blog reader survey that closed yesterday. Many thanks to those who took part; I’ve already announced the three winners of paperback copies of Best of Belshaw 2011.

The result of the analysis I carried out yesterday is a 34-page PDF document including graphs and anonymised feedback from the 137 readers who took part. You should be able to see it below (I recommend viewing fullscreen – click the arrows!)

Reader survey report 2012 [slideshare id=11046655&sc=no]

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If the above isn’t working for whatever reason, you can also get it at the Internet Archive.

2012 reader survey: interim results and book winners!

Last week I announced my inaugural annual reader survey. In it, I asked ten questions to better understand the audience of this blog. This post is to inform you of three things:

1. The survey is now closed. Thank you very much to those who took time to give me some valuable feedback!

2. We have three winners of physical copies of Best of Belshaw 2011 randomly drawn from those leaving their name and email address. Congratulations Melanie Knight, Katie Hassman and Lesley Gourlay. Witness the process of randomly choosing here.

3. Interestingly, despite their having ceased over a year ago, re-introducing my Things I Learned This Week posts featured heavily in the question about how I could improve this blog. I’m still mulling over what to do about this.

Thanks again to those who took part. It’s given me much to smile about and lots to reflect upon. I’ll have an anonymised breakdown of results in a post next week. First I need to crunch the numbers and produce some pretty charts…