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(Most of) my 2023 in sport

Stats from Strava

Every subscription service now seems to do a ‘wrapped’ end of year retrospective. Strava is no different.

Given these stats, I should be at 800km of running by the end of the year. I’ve been to the gym 167 times so far in 2023. Sometimes I run on the treadmill there instead of outside, so in total I think I’ve had around 300 days active.

I can go a lot harder than this, as evidenced by what happened in 2022 when I ramped up my training too fast and ended up in hospital. It’s also the reason my Strava profile is private: I’m a bit too competitive.

This may seem like a humblebrag, but it’s actually a bit of a curse. I’m working on it. I have too, as I’m getting older (43 this month!) so I really should have learned that the only person I’m competing with is myself.

That being said, targets are good. So 1,000km feels like a good number to aim for in terms of cumulative running distance in 2024!

What I’m thankful for is that I had zero injuries in 2023 that stopped me from doing exercise. Healthy body, healthy mind.