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History KS3 Programme of Study for QCA 2008 orders

Normally I try to be wide-ranging and all-encompassing on this blog. I try to discuss issues that others will face and share my full or partial solutions to problems I encounter. This post is no different; the only thing that will change is the size of the target audience. You need to be able to answer yes to the following questions for this post to be much use to you:

  1. Teach in England? Keep reading!
  2. A History teacher? Keep reading!
  3. Looking to change your Key Stage 3 Programme of Study? Keep reading!

Now that I’ve suitably reduced and targeted the intended audience, let’s get down to business… 😉

I’m not a Head of Department. At the moment, I’ve no intention of being. But I do want an input into the reaction to the changes QCA has specified for September 2008. These change the way in which History is delivered in Key Stage 3 (11-14) in Secondary schools. The best way to get my head around things, I find, and to get to grips with them properly, is to attempt to try and show others in as simple a way as possible.

You might not think that a 30-page document would qualify as ‘simple and straightforward’, but I’m hoping that you change your mind after having a look through it. I’ve attempted to encompass everything I should have, with links to stuff worth including within 8 sections:

1. Rationale
2. Context
3. Opportunities
4. Curriculum overview
5. Key Concepts & Processes
6. Scheme of Work
7. Attainment targets
8. Further reading

I’m aware I should put in a section for ‘general resources’, but felt it was getting a little unwieldy, plus I wanted to get it online before I tinker with it too much. I’ve included the ‘Context’ section so you can understand that my school is perhaps skewed towards the top end of the ability range and the little quirks inherent in each school/department.. :p

The following is released under a Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution Non-Commercial Sharealike License:

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PDF icon PDF format

HTML icon HTML (web page) format

So, if you’re a History teacher and/or have an interest in these things, I’d like some feedback please! 😀

(image credit: Pretty Post-Its by blese @ Flickr)