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I need YOUR help with the future of

I’m done with as a business. I’d post a video of me setting my business cards on fire if it wasn’t for the fact I’m going to recycle them! Why is as a consultancy dead? Answer: my role next year has pushed me into the area previously only available to me as a sideline. Hence, I recently blew up the site. :-p

So, what to do with the great domain name? I’ve a couple of ideas which I’d like to bring together on the new site. They both involve creating places for discussion for distinct groups of people who, at present – as far as I’m aware – don’t have a forum for debate/help/guidance:

  • Ed.D. students interested in educational technology.
  • The role known variously as E-Learning Tutor, Instructional Technologist, E-Learning Director, etc. that’s becoming increasingly common in schools around the world.

Over the last few months I’ve had a substantial number of representatives from each group contact me for advice, guidance and requests for resource/idea-sharing. I want to provide that forum for discussion and debate,* but I need the help of the community in two ways:

  1. I want to use some type of software to get this sorted out. I tried KickApps, but didn’t like the advertising. Despite several attempts, I’m clueless with Drupal, so was going to try Joomla. I’d really welcome suggestions and recommendations – especially of those found at
  2. I’m going to need some co-administrators/moderators for the new site. Anyone up for that?

Please do let me know in the comments if you’ve any ideas or want to take part! 😀

* Let me re-iterate that as a business has ceased to exist. The only thing I will ‘own’ on this website is the domain name. Let’s face it – someone has to! The content will be Creative Commons-licensed.

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