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BumpTop: ‘interesting’ or genuinely useful?

I heard about BumpTop a few months back when it was Windows-only. It’s makes your desktop 3D in an aesthetically-pleasing way. This week they launched the Mac version which I found out about via Mashable. It turns out that Mashable had 100 free ‘Pro’ upgrades to give away and I was lucky enough to be quick enough to apply to get one. This gives BumpTop extra functionality and features. 🙂

My thoughts can be found in the following quick overview:

(higher quality version at the Internet Archive – do they not do transcoding any more?) :-s

Quasi-motivational posters

My post on demotivational posters remains one of the most popular on this blog. In the spirit of giving people what they want to see, here’s the result of a great site called I discovered that randomly creates quasi-motivational posters upon each web page refresh!

Here’s the ones that made me chuckle:




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