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Weeknote 29/2020

I seem to have forgotten to write weeknotes over the past few weeks, which is odd as I’ve written them for years. I guess the change in routine has thrown me off-balance a little bit.

My last weeknote was 25/2020 which detailed my final working week at Moodle. Next week is actually my last contracted week, although I’ve done so much that it feels a lot longer than a month since I left. I’m certainly a lot happier.

This week I worked three days due to a magnificent long weekend which mean I took Monday off, and then a debilitating migraine on Thursday which took me out of action completely. The long weekend saw my son and I head to the Lake District for a couple of nights camping in a valley which had no mobile phone signal. It was very refreshing.

In addition to the work I’m doing through We Are Open Co-op, I’ve started helping out Outlandish with some project management. They’re another co-op who are part of the CoTech network and I spent most of Wednesday in a sociocracy workshop with them. I can’t tell you how amazing it is spending all of your working life working in a non-hierarchical environment.

I deactivated my Twitter account this week, not because of the hack, but mainly because of reading 33 Myths of the System by Darren Allen, which made me see a few things for what they actually are. I’m continuing to use my Mastodon account and am thinking about switching back to (if they’ll have me!)

Next week is more of the same, and then the following week we’ll be heading off on holiday to visit family down in Devon. I’m really glad we had two spectacular foreign holidays (New England and Iceland) last year!

Header image of the valley in which we camped last weekend.