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Some Friday fun!

A few things that have kept me smiling over the last few days…

1. Snow

There’s been snow on the ground here in Northumberland since before my birthday (December 22nd). It’s several inches deep now and it’s snowing more as I type this. Suffice to say, the whole world around here has ground to a halt. BBC News have a wonderful video of a helicopter ride over Yorkshire (where I used to live) and Northumberland. Unfortunately I can’t embed it, so you’ll have to click through:

2. Everything I have

Via swissmiss (a great design-focused blog to subscribe to, if you don’t already) comes one man’s visual record of everything he has:

It reminds me of the 100 things page Leo Babauta (he of Zen Habits fame) keeps updated on his other blog, He took up Dave Bruno’s challengeto limit himself to 100 personal items. Noble.

3.  Man sleeps in suburban igloo.

CC BY Steven Roberge (not the actual igloo!)

The aforementioned snow situation in England at the moment necessitates people to actually talk to their neighbours. Amazing, but true. David Munt, 28, from Hertfordshire went one step further and played in the snow with some of the children on his street without accusations of being a paedophile. Also amazing (given the current climate).

They built an igloo together and he promised he would sleep in it. He did. The world marvelled. (via