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Weeknote 28/2018

This week I’ve been:

  • Helping with last weekend’s Scout camp at up in north Northumberland. Both our children were there. I wasn’t feeling great, so despite what my pre-written newsletter claimed, I drove home to sleep in my bed rather than in a tent.
  • Sending out Issue #311 of my Thought Shrapnel newsletter. This one was called ‘Under canvas’. Thanks to the 39 patrons who back me via Patreon plus those who continue their support via Gumroad!
  • Migrainey to the extent that I took all day Monday and Tuesday morning off work. I don’t know what triggered it, but it all started on Wednesday last week, and took about a week for me to recover. I don’t know where migraines end and I begin at the best of times, and I’m glad to be feeling a lot better.
  • Behind on my MoodleNet work due to the above. I did, however, manage to catch up with Mayel on work he can be doing while I’m away this week and next. I also wrote a blog post updating the community on work we’ve done with Outlandish on UX work we’ve done over the last couple of weeks.
  • Curating interesting things I came across on the Thought Shrapnel blog. This week I collected some quotations and commented on the following:
  • Resurrecting my blog after half a year of neglect. I wrote on things that, for one reason or another, didn’t seem to fit elsewhere. I guess I see it as kind of ‘long-form bookmarking’:
  • Running a workshop on digital literacies in Manchester for the Carnegie UK Trust‘s #NotWithoutMe digital accelerator programme. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was very tired at the end, despite it only being a half-day session! My slides can be found here.
  • Missing the regular 90 minutes of the England vs. Croatia World Cup football match. From Manchester, I got to Bryan Mathers‘ house just before extra time started.
  • Meeting up with my We Are Open Co-op colleagues in London, which I’ve written about on our blog. As ever, I really enjoyed it and it reaffirmed my faith (as meetups always do) in the importance of what we’re doing.
  • Visiting the Tate Modern in London. I appreciate modern art, and am a big fan of people using whatever medium they want to express themselves. I do find it hard to get too excited about models of concrete tenement blocks and canvases painted a single colour, however.

Next week, I’m going to be in Montana, USA, for this year’s MountainMoot. I’m running a session on MoodleNet but, more importantly listening to, and learning from, the Moodle community.


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