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Weeknote 11/2018

Newcastle Eagles

This week I’ve been:

  • Sending out Issue #295 of my Thought Shrapnel newsletter. This one was called ‘A wee problem…’ and featured curated links from the Thought Shrapnel blog (where you can also sign up if you don’t yet subscribe!)
  • Recording, editing and releasing Episode 98 of the Today In Digital Education (TIDE) podcast with my co-host Dai Barnes. We entitled this episode ‘Zoom zoom zoom’ and discussed audio recording, coding, philosophy books, the work of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, thinking about dying, big tech, and some tech tricks!
  • Working on Project MoodleNet:
  • Recording a podcast episode with Jeff Utecht about Open Badges.
  • Working with Bryan Mathers on behalf of the co-op on some follow-up work for the Inter-American Development Bank. I’m delighted that we’ll be sharing those outputs on Badge Wiki.
  • Planning for next week’s presentation in Berlin.
  • Attending a fantastic basketball match on  Friday night where Newcastle Eagles came from behind to destroy their opponents, Bristol Flyers. My family loved it!
  • Unexpectedly free on Saturday, after Scout Camp was postponed due to the snow. I was supposed to be leading a group for a mini version of Operation Twilight.

Next week I’m working at home for Moodle Monday through Wednesday. I’m then flying to Berlin to speak on digital literacies at an event organised by the Goethe Institut. I’ll be back on Friday to finish off my Moodle work.

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