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Weeknote 16/2017


This week I’ve been:

  • Sending out Thought Shrapnel, my weekly newsletter loosely structured around education, technology, and productivity. Issue #254 was entitled ‘Eggistentialism’
  • Travelling back from Devon. I flew down to spend Easter with my family, who had travelled down in the car to the in-laws while I was in Northern Ireland. We drove back together via London after climbing Haytor, eating lots of chocolate, and playing PS4 games.
  • Upgrading my Oneplus One to LineageOS, a fork of the CyanogenMod project. That means I’m now running Android 7.1, so I can lock down my device even more than I could before! The only thing I don’t seem to be able to re-enable is shooting photos in RAW mode…
  • Working with London CLC. I ran a two-hour workshop for them, which was focused on writing in networked spaces. I borrowed liberally from MailChimp’s excellent resource on Voice and Tone, as well as introducing the team to,, Hemingway, Product Hunt, Betalist, Mastodon, and more!
  • Preparing for my trip to Canada next week. I’m not packed yet, but there’s a level of mental preparation required for a 10-day trip away from home that covers three discrete ‘events’.
  • Collaborating with my We Are Open Co-op colleagues, as well as Rosie Clayton, during our April co-op day yesterday. We invited Rosie along to get to know her better and to help us think through a Ufi bid we’re thinking of making. Read more here.
  • Doing admin. <yawn>
  • Answering questions about digital literacy from Sally Pewhairangi, a librarian from New Zealand. I blogged my responses here.
  • Issuing more badges to those who have completed Badge Bootcamp, a self-paced email course for those new to Open Badges.
  • Pondering many things, as I often do during holidays, including my (so-called) career, where we live, etc.
  • Visiting my 93 year-old grandmother, who’s currently in hospital.
  • Spending more time on Mastodon, the new(ish) Twitter-like network. I’m going to spend the month of May on there, as I think we need to spend time building decentralised, non-VC funded systems. I’ll just be posting blog posts and newsletter updates to Twitter. You can connect with me once you’ve signed up — I’m [email protected]
  • Writing:

Next week, I fly to Canada (via London) on Monday. I’ve got a meeting and wandering around Toronto on Tuesday, then I’m running a two-day ‘intensive collaboration’ with the Ontario MLN on Wednesday/Thursday. Between Friday and Sunday I’ll be at the Creative Commons Summit, before travelling on to Calgary.

Image CC BY Archangel12

I make my living helping people and organisations become more productive in their use of technology.  If you’ve got something that you think I might be able to help with, please do get in touch! Email: [email protected]


3 thoughts on “Weeknote 16/2017

  1. Willing to explore Mastadon. Just confused about signing up and ‘choosing’ a server. Any advice?

    1. I’m on but I here is pretty popular, too.

      Right now, people are just playing about and experimenting. I should imagine, however, that over time there’ll be specialised instances (e.g. ‘edtech’) that then federate to wider timelines.

      1. Thanks Doug. I think I got my wires crossed somewhere. Will have a tinker as I am definitely interested. Along with Wikity, enjoying moving into different spaces at the moment.

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