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Weeknote 22/2016

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This week I’ve been:

Next week: My wife and children are in Devon until Sunday, so I’ll probably end up working this weekend. I’m working from home with City & Guilds on Monday, and then in London working from their offices on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ve got a report to write and bits and pieces to sort on Thursday, and then I’m very much looking forward to taking Friday off…

Availability: I’ve got a few days free in June and July. I’m then on holiday in August and will have a lot more availability in September.

Newsletter sponsorship: I’m currently looking for a sponsor for my Thought Shrapnel newsletter for the months of July and September. It goes out to over 1,100 people who have signed up for updates around education, technology, and productivity. Get in touch if you, or someone you know, might like to sponsor it!

One thought on “Weeknote 22/2016

  1. Also came back from a Scout camp all newly enthused about the amazing youngsters that are out there!

    We had 24 of them on Bodmin airfield for a weekend doing a selection of aviation, navigation and meteorology badges (I was doing met so it was clouds in bottles and “why is the weather like this today?”)

    After their navigation training they actually flew the route with a job lot of local pilots helping out.

    We watched the space station go overhead and generally had a whale of a time!

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