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Weak signals

Bat signal

Classic economic theory states that the market can solve pretty much everything through a process of signalling:

In the job market, potential employees seek to sell their services to employers for some wage, or price. Generally, employers are willing to pay higher wages to employ better workers. While the individual may know his or her own level of ability, the hiring firm is not (usually) able to observe such an intangible trait—thus there is an asymmetry of information between the two parties. Education credentials can be used as a signal to the firm, indicating a certain level of ability that the individual may possess; thereby narrowing the informational gap. This is beneficial to both parties as long as the signal indicates a desirable attribute—a signal such as a criminal record may not be so desirable.


As a consultant, I add value by providing knowledge and skills to an organisation for exactly the amount of time they need me. I’m a surgical knife hired to do difficult, precise jobs. Sometimes, of course, clients know they need something but aren’t sure what that is. I can help in those cases as well, saving them the time and money of ‘going round the houses’ or choosing the shiniest option.

In 2016, I’m going have more availability from September onwards. Get in touch if you need a doctor (of education) in the house to help untangle, think through, or generally assist with things related to education, technology, or productivity. I’m good at being a critical friend and like to take a holistic view of educational technology & not just toolsets, but mindsets and skillsets, too.

I’m interested in one-off speaking engagements and workshops but I’d really like to get my teeth into a medium-term project that allows me to get alongside people in an organisation and effect tangible change. That might involve Open Badges or digital skills/literacies, but it equally could be around productivity and workflow.

Excitingly, a bunch of us (friends / ex-Mozillians) have set up a co-operative, through which we can work together to assist your organisation. We’re great at helping with both the ‘known unknowns’ and the ‘unknown unknowns’ – which we often discover while running thinkathons.

Let’s have a chat. The first 30-minute conversation is free, and I’ve/we’ve got reduced rates for charities, non-profits, and educational institutions.

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