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Month: April 2016

Weeknote 17/2016

This week I’ve been:

Next week it’s Bank Holiday Monday in England, so I’m counting that as my day off. I’ll then be working with City & Guilds on Tuesday and Wednesday in London, and on Thursday from home. On Friday I’ll also be at home, writing a report for Cambridge English.

3 Types of EdTech Baggage: Toolsets, Mindsets, Skillsets [DML Central]

3 Types of EdTech Baggage: Toolsets, Mindsets, Skillsets

My latest post for DML Central has just been published. Entitled 3 Types of EdTech Baggage: Toolsets, Mindsets, Skillsets it was prompted by a Quentin Blake-esque sketch from Bryan Mathers that made me laugh.

So, in this post, I want to challenge the assumption that those resisting the adoption of a particular technology are neo-Luddites. I’m basing this on my experience in schools, universities, and now as an independent consultant working with all kinds of organisations. I see a much more nuanced picture than is often put forward. Assuming people should “get with the program” can, after all, be a little techno-deterministic.

I’d love your feedback on the post itself, so I’ve closed comments here to encourage you to do so!

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Weeknote 16/2016

This week I’ve been:

On Sunday I’ll be at Maker Faire UK in Newcastle. Next week I’m taking it easy on Monday and Tuesday with just a few meetings and pottering around at home. Then I’m in London on Wednesday and Thursday with City & Guilds, and Cambridge on Friday running a workshop.