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Weeknote 15/2015

This was a four-day working week due to Easter Monday. I spent half of those days in London (Tues/Weds) and half working from home in Northumberland (Thurs/Fri). This, I think, is the perfect mix for me, as I’m an ambivert.

This week I’ve been:

  • Recording Episode 5 of the #tidetalks podcast with Dai Barnes.
  • Introduced to more people at City & Guilds. I’ve started putting together a potential way forward for them in relation to Open Badges.
  • Travelling to and from London. I used the opportunity to do some reading, watched (part of) a film, and started putting together an iPhoto book of our recent trip to Dubai.
  • Staying at Atelier Apartments next to Farringdon. The location is perfect and I slept well, so I’m staying there next week too!
  • Scanning in and sending stuff to my accountant.
  • Creating a badges-related proposal for an organisation that’s interested in me working with them.
  • Backing The Leader’s Guide by Eric Ries on Kickstarter. He’s the author of The Lean Startup.
  • Catching up with Marc Lesser.
  • Meeting Hung Lee, CEO of (which you should definitely check out if you’re in tech!) We met in the shadow of St. Paul’s cathedral.
  • Exercising again after a week ‘off’ eating too much chocolate. It was hard. My brother-in-law showed me Freeletics; I used the METIS exercises when I was away.
  • Talking with an organisation in Scotland about potential work around helping defining digital literacies for an entire sector.
  • Agreeing to facilitate a small part of Nesta’s event next week: Young Digital Makers: creative solutions for the challenges ahead
  • Visiting David Van der Velde at the House of Objects after being invited to see what they’re up to.
  • Writing a couple of blog posts:

Next week I’ll be in London from Tuesday night until Thursday night. This is so I can be at the Nesta event bright and early on Wednesday and then attend an internal C&G conference on Thursday. I’ve also got a couple of meetings that I’m looking forward to with exciting organisations!

Image CC BY-SA Davide D’Amico

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