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Weeknote 20/2014


This week I’ve been:

  • Adapting to a new workflow. More about that in this post.
  • Helping out with Webmaker Training, which launched this week. Watch the first live session here and get involved in the discussions.
  • Going to the doctors. Not something I’d usually mention, other than the fact that tracking everything led to some changes that significantly impacted my migraines. These changes – keep hydrated, sleep more, swim instead of run – mean I’ve only had one, relatively mild, migraine in the past 10 weeks. 🙂
  • Meeting with Jaime Casap from Google to talk web literacy and potential synergies with our work – especially around Google Fiber and Hive Networks.
  • Discussing Webmaker, Webmaker Training and Web Literacy badges. We should have lots to show and announce come June 15th! Want to be part of the discussion about the new Webmaker Mentor badge? Click here.
  • Deciding that the Web Literacy Map will remain at v1.1 until the Mozilla Festival. Please do report any issues/concerns/confusion/suggestions in this tracking bug.
  • Replying to a question about digital literacy by Tim Klapdor in this blog post.
  • Setting up a new wiki. It’s about time I had more than just one for my thesis.
  • Liaising with people about upcoming events. Here’s some tentative dates of where I’ll be, when (note: given enough notice, there’s potential to stay longer in places if you want to meet up – let me know!)

Next week I’m looking forward to meeting up with my former thesis advisor, Steve Higgins, and working on Webmaker Training (badges!)

Image CC BY-NC-SA Francisco Antunes

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