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Weeknote 39/2013

Weeknote 39/2013

This week I’ve been:

  • Resolving knotty Web Literacy Standard issues, sometimes through consensus, sometimes through fiat. This document is what we’ll be using for v1.0 (two days left before ‘code freeze’)
  • Hosting the Web Literacy Standard community call. You can catch up here.
  • Writing about what I’m using now to backup/sync my files, my mental health and this time of year, as well as more about Minimum Viable Bureaucracy.
  • Getting confused as to why I kept get notifications for people subscribing to my Spotify ‘Electro House’ playlist. I then realised it’s because I was featured on Lifehacker.
  • Talking to Computing At School about non-linear learning pathways and Open Badges.
  • Attending the Scottish Learning Festival in Glasgow. I met up with friends old and new and wrote it up here.
  • Setting up a new tumblr called EduSpam.
  • Taking Friday off unexpectedly after my son came home from school ill (after only being there 30 minutes!) I now feel terrible while he, of course, has recovered and is bouncing around…

Next week it’s all about the ‘code freeze’ on v1.0 of the Web Literacy Standard. I’ll also be doing a lightning talk at SuperMondays in Newcastle before heading off to Brussels on Thursday for the Mozilla Summit.

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