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Weeknote 37/2013

Weeknote 37/2013

This week I’ve been:

  • Sorting out this blog with which I’ve been having issues for weeks (if not months). Tim Owens from Hippie Hosting has been beyond gracious and helpful as we tried to get the root of the problem. I think now I’ve reinstalled the whole thing, sorted out caching and Cloudflare on the domain, we should be OK (fingers crossed!)
  • Completing a ‘values survey’ for the upcoming Mozilla Summit (I’m going to Brussels). It’s great to be working for an organization with value so close to my own. 🙂
  • Responding to more feedback on the Web Literacy Standard.
  • Participating in my usual weekly calls. I decided not to attend one of the optional ones this Wednesday so I didn’t have four in a row. Needless to say I felt a lot better afterwards.
  • Watching the videos (and trying to remember ‘A’-Level Maths) as part of the Coursera Cryptography I MOOC.
  • Joining in the live session for the Open Badges MOOC.
  • Writing a last-minute proposal for the Mozilla Festival and helping to wrangle the Badges and Skills track.
  • Talking to people like Chris Appleton and Cassie McDaniel in preparation for v1.0 of the Web Literacy Standard.
  • Contacting OpenStand about using their insignias with the Web Literacy Standard.
  • Joining the W3C Web Education Standards community group. I had to be ‘nominated’ by Mozilla and everything.
  • Setting a date for the first LOLCAT (Loosely-Organised Local Community Action Team) meeting. It’s a fancy name for a cross-team group essentially focusing on workflows and documentation to improve co-ordination across MoFo.
  • Chopping up Laura Thomson’s excellent Minimum Viable Bureaucracy talk and putting it on the Internet Archive. I’ll be blogging about it soon.
  • Hacking on the Web Literacy Standard with a subsection of the community. The latest document is here.
  • Talking with Emil Ahangarzadeh and Simon Grant about what they can (individually) do with the Web Literacy Standard.
  • Writing a piece for the consideration of Jeff Brazil, editor of DMLcentral about ontology, learning standards and Clay Shirky. You can take a sneak peek here.

Next week I’m in Geneva Monday-Wednesday at OKCon chairing a session on Open Education.

2 thoughts on “Weeknote 37/2013

  1. Nice potential tie-in with OpenStand, looks like a good paradigm with principles compatible to the Mozilla WebLitStd! Using the insignia could also raise their profile that includes some under-recognised open standards advocates & maybe increase awareness of some of the collaborative, open standard physical processes that go into creating a consensual internet.

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