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The story behind 3 presentations: #cetis12, #dml2012 and #TEDxWarwick

Update: slides and audio for #cetis12 presentation now available!

Doug Belshaw presenting at PELC11

Apologies for the relative drought here over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been working hard on some presentations that I think you’ll want to see.

You know what? I’ve been at JISC infoNet almost two years now but something I’m still getting to grips with is the different peaks and the troughs over the academic year. They’re just not the same in Higher Education as they are in schools. For a start, some of them are my own choice.

This past few weeks have definitely been a peak for me, one that will last until mid-March. All of my writing energy recently has been going into preparing three talks I’ve got coming up:

  1. Are Open Badges the future for recognition of skills? (JISC CETIS conference, Nottingham, 23 February 2012)
  2. Why we need a debate about the purpose(s) of education (DML Conference, San Francisco, 1 March 2012)
  3. The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies (TEDx Warwick, Coventry, 10 March 2012)

So, three different topics in three very different formats. The Open Badges talk tomorrow is part of a wider session and will be fairly relaxed and informal. The Purpos/ed one is an Ignite talk where I get 5 minutes (exactly!) to talk about my subject. I’ve got 20 slides and they’re advanced automatically every 20 seconds. Eek!

Finally, and the one I’m most excited about giving, is my TEDx Warwick talk. I’ve been using and adapting the advice in Nancy Duarte’s books Resonate and Slide:ology to help get my message across. I haven’t quite finished this one yet (and I’d better get a move on because they want my slides two weeks in advance!)

I hope you understand, therefore, why updates here might be quite light until March 11th. I’ve posted a couple of quick things over at over the past week and I’ll make sure I update my conference blog. Other than that, why not get involved in the OpenBeta process for my new ebook, if you haven’t already? And, if you can, why not join me at TEDx Warwick?

Image CC BY-NC-SA foto_mania

5 thoughts on “The story behind 3 presentations: #cetis12, #dml2012 and #TEDxWarwick

  1. Exciting times! Hopefully at least the DML and TedX ones will be filmed?

    p.s. the problem with clicking on links to your blog posts, is that it’s full of links to other interesting posts and I want to read everything. Can you stop being so interesting please? Ta.


    1. Hi Helen. ๐Ÿ™‚

      The TEDx talk will definitely be filmed, but I’m not sure about the DML Ignite one (I’m up ‘agagainst’ Henry Jenkins!)
      At least I know someone other thany mother finds my posts interesting!

  2. Use Audacity, record audio, & upload somewhere along with your slides, so we can all enjoy your presentations. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Stephen, this is definitely something I want to do, but haven’t found a great solution yet. ๐Ÿ™‚
      The problem is that I tend to like to roam a bit whilst talking. So, for example in the badgea session yesterday I used my iPhone to record the audio but it came out a bit muddy.
      Perhaps I should invest in a wireless mic?

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