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Thanks for waiting! Dr. Belshaw will see you now.

Well, almost.

doctor minifig

I’m pleased to announce that I successfully defended my doctoral thesis at my viva voce on 12th December 2011. As expected, the examiners gave me minor rewrites but I managed to submit these to my supervisor before Christmas.

Whilst I can’t officially call myself ‘Doctor Belshaw’ until I’m on Durham University’s pass list (and even then I’m probably not your go-to person for emergency tracheotomies) I’m delighted with the culmination of six years’ work into digital and new literacies.

It’s great to be back on social networks such as Twitter and Google+ and press ‘delete’ on hundreds of emails (well, I did warn people…)

Image CC BY-NC-SA Johan Prawiro

23 thoughts on “Thanks for waiting! Dr. Belshaw will see you now.

  1. Congratulations – that’s great news! It must be an incredible feeling to be on the other side of the dreaded thesis. Well done, a huge achievement.

  2. Congrats also from another PhD Dunelm – as time as gone on I have left such a qual off my CV.  Indeed I regret, at my wife’s insistence, putting it one place on our bank account as I remember shrinking into my seat in mid-atlantic as a request went out “Is there a Doctor on board” – thank goodness for the Data Protection Act 

  3. Bloody hell Doug that’s mightily impressive. Congratulations and best wishes for the final, final stretch!

  4. Congratulations and well done Doug! Look forward to learning and sharing through a variety of social media channels in 2012 with you and the ever growing network there is out there! 

  5. Congratulations! Great news, am about half way through reading your thesis and learning a lot so thank you.

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