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Doug’s Daily Planner (v1)

***Update: I’ve moved this (with new updates!) to Synechism Ltd. It’s still free.***

Recently I rediscovered the excellent free planners by Charlie Gilkey at Productive Flourishing. You can find them here. I like breaking out the crayons, so had a ball colouring in the productivity heatmap!

Unsurprisingly, the most useful on a day-to-day basis is the daily planner which is certainly comprehensive but needed tweaking for my context. So below is my effort, for what it’s worth. I’ve only been using it for the last few days but, in conjunction with Google Calendar for weekly/monthly planning it’s been awesome.

(Embedded doc not showing? Try direct link to PDF)

If you want to want to fill it in electronically or tinker with it for your own context there’s a Microsoft Word version below:

[download id=”3″]


If you like this, you may also appreciate my (free!) e-book entitled #uppingyourgame: a practical guide to personal productivity.

3 thoughts on “Doug’s Daily Planner (v1)

  1. This is both useful and very timely! My current system of post-its is not working as I juggle numerous tasks and projects. I rely on Outlook for meetings which I can see on my phone and have audio alerts to remind me of what is coming up, but due to the size of the screen and my age (i.e. reading glasses not to hand), the notes function whilst of use for some things has not worked for me as a tool to create a daily/weekly priorities list.    

    It was interesting to compare our productivity maps, but what struck me was the colours you chose and how individuals visualise things differently. 
    Black – asleep
    Green – most productive
    Yellow – reasonably productive
    Red – unproductive

    Was this a traffic light system where yellow equates to amber? For me I instantly wanted to use yellow for most productive as I am the most productive and energised in the sun! The website gives an exemplar of heatmapping using yellow,amber, red with the latter being the hottest and most productive, using green for least productive. I like the concept but would replace green with blue.  

    Thanks for the links and also to introducing! 


  2. Hi Sue, glad to be of help!

    Yes, I know that I filled in the heatmap differently (more of a ‘traffic light map’ I suppose…) but horses for courses – it made sense to me. :-)

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