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My new work blog and other RSS goodies.

Doug's Work Blog

Spurred by several things including our most recent JISC infoNet planning meeting and Will Richardson’s decision to quit long-form blogging at Weblogg-ed and move to Tumblr, I’ve set up a work blog at

The theme hopefully reflects how I want to use it – as a visual snapshot of my research. Rest assured that, unlike Will, I’ll still be blogging here as well. I love writing. My work blog is more for clipping and quickly commenting on stuff relating to Open Educational Resources, Mobile Learning and Digital Literacies (my 3 main research areas).

As a reminder, you can also find other posts by me at:

I’ve collated the RSS feeds for my research and original writing in two separate über-feeds (which you can also subscribe to via email if you click through):

Doug's Writing Feed Doug’s Writing Feed (

Doug's Research Feed Doug’s Research Feed (

I’ve updated the sidebar at to make these quick and easy to find. For those people wanting to do something similar, RSSmix seemed to be lot easier and hassle-free than fiddling with Yahoo! Pipes…

2 thoughts on “My new work blog and other RSS goodies.

  1. I’ve been playing around with Tumblr again after reading Will’s post. I have to say I’m quite smitten with it at the moment. It sits in a nice middle ground between Twitter & WordPress and can still stretch up to ‘full size’ posts. It’s also very malleable with allowing me to share/save those posts all over the Web. I’ve set it up on (which used to forward to my blog) and at this rate I may move over entirely from my old WordPress blog (

  2. That comment looked like a massive plug for my blogs – apologies – not quite what I was meaning, but inevitable given the nature of the conversation I guess!!

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