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I Got 99 Problems But a Workflow Ain’t One.

It’s the Support Northumbria Conference today. As JISC infoNet is hosted by Northumbria University (we’re ‘based’ in Academic Services) we presented there together as a team.

I haven’t asked my colleagues if I can use the slides from their part of the presentation and, indeed, some of it was video – so I’ve only included my small section below:

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”a/” query=”id=dcjzkcfp_83hnnbwkf4&size=m” width=”555″ height=”451″ /]

What I was trying to get across was the following:

  1. Most people assume that people see the world in the same way as them – and that applies to others in their department/school/institution. Newsflash: they don’t.
  2. We need to be able to define our role in the simplest terms possible and then understand how it fits in with the rest of the team/institution.
  3. Feedback is crucial to improvement. Top sportsmen and women get constant feedback (and have done since they were very small). We get it once a year in a performance review if we leave it up to others.
  4. Mapping workflows seems like a thing that leaders and line managers do, but why wait for them? It’s core to your role, your department’s role and your institution’s role. Do it. Be empowered!

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