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Notifo: a notifications inbox

Twitter’s great. It’s of particular use for me at work for short messages instead of emails for answering quick questions or getting time-sensitive information.

But here’s the problem:

  1. I want to find out immediately if someone sends me a message on Twitter.
  2. Twitter has turned off the ability to receive @ replies by SMS (you can only get DMs that way)
  3. Sometimes I confuse DMs with SMS which can be, er, sub-optimal.

That’s why Notifo is great. I’ve signed up and receive free notifications on my iPhone when someone sends me an @ message or DM on Twitter. Clicking on the notification takes me to the Twitter iPhone app, so no confusion with SMS!

There is a way to get Notifo to push any type of RSS feed to you, but it’s not straightforward unless the site’s using something like the WP-Notifo WordPress plugin. Let’s hope they sort that straight away.

If you’re looking for a site to test Notifo with, try this one! Click on ‘Subscribe’ in the left menu bar and then enter your username in the box. Every time I publish a post you should be instantly notified of it via Notifo.

Let me know how you get on! 😀

5 thoughts on “Notifo: a notifications inbox

  1. Thanks for the post Doug! While we have a few services we built ourselves at Notifo, like, our focus is creating a solid platform for developers and businesses to develop their own services on top of Notifo. We always keep an eye out for interesting products and help showcase them. In short – we want other people to build things like an RSS subscription service, or a stock alerts service on top of Notifo (service accounts will be charged) so we can keep working on making a stable, reliable and speedy platform. :)

      1. I have not done much with Skribit in the last ~6 months. I spent 1.5 years on it and it wasn't growing like I had hoped so it was time to move on. Notifo consumes all of my time now and I'm really excited about what we're working on :)

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