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…and 5 reasons why I bought a Dell Streak again.

Last week I explained why I returned the Dell Streak I purchased on a 24-month contract. In this post I explain why I bought another yesterday on a device-only deal.

1. It’s more fun.

You can customise pretty much everything with the Android operating system. You have to resort to shenanigans to customise your message tone on the iPhone, whereas it’s trivial to get some great sounds on the Streak. There’s widgets and weird and wonderful stuff. πŸ™‚

2. The screen is just gorgeous.

Granted, I haven’t seen the screen on the iPhone 4 in the flesh, but the Dell Streak’s screen is so… well, touchable. The high-resolution screen is backed up by an extremely fast processor and enough memory to make flicking between apps easy.

3. The contract was part of the problem

Who wants the same phone after two years? I’m planning to wait until the earliest opportunity to get my Dell Streak unlocked and then go on an Orange SIM-only contract. Why Orange? It’s the only network that offers 3G where I live and my broadband is flaky due to our semi-rural location.

4. I’m online more than I talk

The default orientation of the Dell Streak’s screen is landscape. And that’s because it’s meant to be held like a PSP most of the time. It’s thin enough not to be heavy but substantial enough to feel solid in your hands. I like that.

5. The camera

The combination of large, hi-res screen, 5-megapixel camera and in-device editing functions feels luxurious, it really does.

There’s an active community for the Dell Streak over at and you should read this Techradar review which is both comprehensive and fair! πŸ˜€

4 thoughts on “…and 5 reasons why I bought a Dell Streak again.

  1. Always new you were a closet streaker. So, from your other comments about this, you are thinking about getting the iPhone4 as well? And then when you get your iPad from HHL you will want to give it to….. me?

    Streak does sound really interesting. Would love to know about the screen size and how much comfort it affords for general purpose use. The thing I most like is pushing pocket size up rather than down. I would ideally like one mobile and one desk environment device. The idea of having more tools to maintain and replenish is not an inviting one to me. Love my iphone as I do, it is often too small and pinching things only works on some sites (and flashlessness can be annoying at times). I would buy the streak as my mobile device including telephone. Or an iPhone, or the HTC Evo running Android (when it arrives here).

    I’ll be watching to see how you get on with it via your blog.

    1. We’ll have to meet up for a Streak-athon. I, to quote McDonalds, am lovin’
      it. πŸ™‚

      Oh, and I’d check out @Stammy’s review of the EVO. Apparently the battery
      life sucks, big time…

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