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(In)decisive Doug, the Dell Streak and iPhone 4.

So I’d written a blog post about my Dell Streak and how I pleased I was with it, thinking I knew what Mr Jobs was going throw at us iPhone-wise. I’d even made a video review.

And then.

He announced something that made me sit up and take notice; it made me think that I might have to return the Streak within the 14-day grace period. It wasn’t the pixel count. It wasn’t the 5 megapixel camera. It wasn’t even the video calling or the iMovie app that can edit and share 720p videos.

It was the battery.

Up to 10 hours of constant use? That’s insane.

Image CC BY-NC BazBoerman

6 thoughts on “(In)decisive Doug, the Dell Streak and iPhone 4.

  1. I will certainly be there in line for my iPhone 4 (well, I might order online). If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I know the iPhone and it’s like an old friend now. (I know, it’s a little worrying!)

    The change I am looking to make this time around is my operator. I’m not sure whether I’m going to stick with O2 and am considering a change to Vodafone.

  2. It is all a little but worrying. I am disappointed Doug. I was looking forward to reading about your experiences away from the iphone. Now it multi-tasks I don’t see much option but to upgrade. There is the cost factor but on a device that spends so much time in my hands the value-added negates the lesser cost of a rival. My contract does not expire for a while so I will have to see if there is a special upgrade package from O2. Unless the Nexus pulls me another direction before then…Would make an excellent fathers day present. Must find way of dropping hint to my family???

    1. I can share that Youtube video with anyone who is interested. I pulled the
      post and made the video private as I end it by saying I’m not going to
      return the Streak. And to be perfectly honest I haven’t actually decided

  3. If it’s true, which seems unlikely really. Constant use (to us, not to Apple) will mean having the screen active – that screen is going to eat power. There’s still a pretty rigid limit as to how many mAH you can get in a package that small.

    Not the point though. With the iPhone you still won’t be able to pack a spare. This seems daft. I can’t understand why someone concerned about battery life would go back to an iPhone. When it runs down – that’s it. With my Nexus and my three batteries I just don’t worry about power consumption or battery life, it takes me a minute to swap and I’m back to 100%. Why on earth not?

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