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bMobLe Conference 2010


This was the second bMobLe Conference, organised by Education Bradford. The latter is an independent company that took control of the Local Authority in Bradford in 2001. They focus heavily on using technology to raise standards – and have done a very good job.

In many ways the conference was a object lesson on how to run a conference well. Why do I say that?

  • Open wifi – no problems with connecting any kind of device to it.
  • Great venue with rooms big enough for each activity. 
  • Engaging speakers – the people leading sessions knew how to present (which helps!0
  • Well-organised audio and video – everything was streamed live over the internet.
  • The right people there – they brought pupils along to showcase what they’ve been up to with new technologies. Powerful!
  • An incentive to visit exhibitors stands – you had to collect stamps from each to enter a prize draw.
  • Audience participation in a fun way – engaging speakers and use of voting pads with feedback.
  • Great food and drink – makes people feel valued
  • Informal aspect – the teachmeet was informal, well-organized and had alcohol and curry (what more do you want!)

But that’s not to say it was perfect. Things that could be improved for next time:

  1. Drinks available in more areas and for longer.
  2. Name badges to include space for Twitter/social media names (QR codes for websites?)
  3. A delegate list (they may have had this: I mislaid the bag I was given)

Overall, the best conference I’ve been to this year. Well done to the people who organised it! 🙂



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  1. Hi Doug, I noticed a picture of ‘Higher Order Thinking Dice’ any idea where I could purchase them? Cheers Scott

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