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If I were trapped on a Desert Island…

The Idea/Meme

If you were somehow trapped on a desert island but with a limited amount of internet access, which sites would you choose? As Paul Lewis (@aerotwist) helpfully pointed out, you couldn’t have sites that relied on other sites to serve content (e.g. no YouTube embeds – unless, of course, you chose YouTube as one of your sites). And there would be no point in choosing a search engine. Obviously. 😉


@BenMawhinney (via @aerotwist) after reading Ewan McIntosh’s Spotify for Desert Island Discs post.


On one (many?) levels this is completely daft as if you were stuck on a desert island the websites you’d choose the websites of rescue services and charities specialising in dramatic desert island rescues.

But I’ll play the game… :-p

My Choices

If I could only access 5 websites, these* are the ones I’d choose:

  1. – I need to write for an audience!
  2. – would give me contact with the outside world.
  3. – I’m pretty certain the people in my ‘network’ could get me off that island (if they wanted to!)
  4. – that way anyone could send me pretty much anything digitally-speaking
  5. Project Gutenberg – over 100,000 free books!

I’m tempted to include Spotify, but that would open a whole can of worms and I sense there’s another post in that… 😉

Your turn!

What would YOU choose?

* Of course, if the question is really “Which websites do you visit every day?” then I’d answer BBC News, (it’s my screensaver!), Techmeme,, Flickr Blog, TeuxDeux, HotUKdeals and GMail. 🙂

Image CC BY rogerbarker2

2 thoughts on “If I were trapped on a Desert Island…

  1. What an excellent idea. Here are my five desert island websites:

    1. – the first & funniest comic on the intertubes.
    2. – home of beartato, the second funniest comic on the intertubes.
    3. – for when the storm washes away my supply of rum, the lolcats will guarantee amusement.
    4. – so that when I am finally rescued and returned to the land of the living I will have amassed an incredible fortune.
    5. or Can’t decide which. I will have to ponder this for a while. Probably gmail. Or flickr. I’d quite like flickr. I could post a photo of the night sky and someone could work out where I was from the positions of the constellations and initiate a rescue.

    1. Ah, the internet’s just one giant playground, eh?

      Given the parallax involved, I *seriously* doubt your Flickr idea’s
      got any legs. What? You weren’t being serious? Gah! ;-)

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