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Watch my Ed.D. thesis grow in real-time…


I’ve got until Tuesday to get a much of my thesis written as possible to send to my supervisor. I’ve made a start, but need as much help as I can get to continue to be motivated. I thought, therefore, that sharing what I’m writing in real-time with an audience might help with that.

Click here to access my thesis as I write it!

N.B. The comments are obviously notes to myself. Oh, and unlike everything else on this blog, this is most certainly Copyright – All Rights Reserved. No quoting at all until it’s finished please.

Do feel free to add comments here and/or motivational quotations, inspirational thoughts, and helpful guidance! đŸ˜€

One thought on “Watch my Ed.D. thesis grow in real-time…

  1. Making this a transparent process is excellent! Not only does it help show the evolution of your ideas in a high academic form, it helps others considering a terminal degree to see the depths of what is happening.

    Keep up the great but difficult work!

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