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Sub-$200 PC… and not the OLPC project!

Sub-$200 Linux PC

By now, anyone interested in educational technology will have heard about the One Laptop Per Child project which yesterday announced a ‘give one, get one’ scheme. The trouble is, it’s currently coming in at just over $200.

One machine that’s coming in at less than $200 – albeit not a laptop – is the Everex TC2502 (review here), on sale at Wal-Mart stores across America. These have proved so popular, Slashdot reports, that they have sold out. The PC is not only extremely efficient and ‘green’ but runs gOS, a version of Linux that uses Google’s (free) products such as Google Apps to store files and applications online.

gOS screenshot

I think this is a great way for schools to go. With this and the Zonbu (which uses Amazon S3 for storage), it’s an interesting time for school-based computing… 🙂

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