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Amazon MP3 launches, not for UK

amazonmp3 have launched a Digital Rights Management (DRM)-free online music store. Unlike Apple’s iTunes music store, music can be played on any device and, wait for it… it’s actually cheaper per song! Although the number of tracks available is currently somewhat limited, more music is likely to be added soon.

I’d love to buy music from Amazon MP3, but I can’t. It would seem you have to be a US citizen to purchase music in this way as I was unable to using my current credit card billing address. Hopefully it will be extended to Amazon UK soon.

So I went back to my usual method. Unfortunately, AllofMP3 has been shut down recently. Fortunately, it has transferred all trading activities to MP3Sparks, but there’s a snag. There’s absolutely no way to pay directly by Visa card! Fortunately, as posted here there’s a way round it by buying pre-paid cards.

Excuse me, I’m off to buy some more music… 🙂

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