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Crydamoure - Waves II Daniel Wylie - Ramshackle Beauty Hush - A Lifetime

Hannah and I came back from spending a couple of Ben-free days in Cornwall yesterday. We left young Benjamin with his grandparents and had a relaxing time, staying at perhaps the world’s nicest and most friendly B&B. One place we went is Falmouth where I found a second-hand music store. I don’t bother too much with these nowadays, partly because Hannah groans whenever I sight one, and partly because I purchase 99% of my music on MP3. On this occasion, I was very pleased I took a look inside…

I used to love promos when I worked at HMV as a student. You get to hear things before other people, and some can end up being quite valuable. This particular music store had a promos section, the less popular of which had been vastly reduced – to £1 in fact. I found three absolute gems in the rough:

Crydamoure - Waves II Crydamoure – Waves II (2003)

A compilation of French house on Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo’s (one half of Daft Punk) own label. I bought the original when it came out on import for a whopping  £16.99! Hannah doesn’t like it, but it’s great driving/running/workout music… 🙂

Daniel Wylie - Ramshackle Beauty Daniel Wylie – Ramshackle Beauty (2004)

Formerly lead singer of Cosmic Rough Riders, one of my favourite bands at uni, this is one of his solo albums. Very summery. My favourite line from the Cosmic’s album Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine is “he’s a vegetarian and you can’t trust them.” Wylie’s got a wry sense of humour, oh yes. 😉

Hush - A Lifetime Hush – A Lifetime (2005)

I was unsure as to whether to buy this or not. I thought I remembered it being reviewed well a few years back. Turns out it’s a fabulous album by a Danish band. Vaguely Katie Melua-esque (but don’t let that put you off…) Hush have released a new album entitled For All The Right Reasons. It’s a lot more pop-inclined and, to be honest, not as good as this one.

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