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Virtual Desktops: an update

Virtual Desktops

I’m continuing to use virtual desktops whilst teaching: it’s a great way to keep things separate without having to juggle windows. For example, as I mentioned in this post, I can have the Windows Media Player full-screen on one desktop, my homework checker on another, Powerpoint on another, etc.

Unfortunately Yod’m 3D, the software I use to do this on Windows XP, has been acquired and is going paid-for. In the spirit of sharing, I’m providing the last free version below for your convenience:

Yod'm 3D Download Yod’m 3D (4.6MB)

It’s a zip file, so all you need to do is unzip it and run the program. I’ve tested for viruses and this is the version running on my system, but there’s no guarantee. Use your virus checker! 🙂

(Mac users can use VirtueDesktops until OS X Leopard is released in Autumn 2007 with built-in support for virtual desktops…)

2 thoughts on “Virtual Desktops: an update

  1. Hi Doug,

    I’m from Otaku Software, the company that acquired Yod’m 3D. I’d just like to let you know that we will be offering a 25% educational discount on the new version of Yod’m 3D, now called DeskSpace.

  2. Thanks for the info James. Congratulations on your purchase of Yod’m 3D – it’s an excellent piece of software. It’s just a shame it’s not going to be free anymore…

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