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Month: February 2007

Firefox Extension: Tab Groups

Tab Groups

I’ve just come across an excellent Firefox add-on called Tab Groups. If, like me, you tend to have a lot of tabs open at the same time when you browse, this extension is fabulous. As its name suggests, you can organize your tabs by ‘group’, even giving them a name. It also works well with Firefox’s Session Manager, so all your tab groups will be saved if you close Firefox and re-open it!

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xFruits – the Swiss Army knife for RSS feeds

xFruits is an excellent, free, web application that allows you to do lots and lots of things with RSS feeds.


For example, I’ve just created a constantly-updating PDF of my starred and shared items from my Google Reader account. This is great if you’re trying to convert people to use RSS feeds, or you just want to share things via paper. A really good use would be to convert a collaborative RSS feed to PDF.

There’s also options to convert an RSS feed to many more things such as:

  • Many RSS feeds into one
  • RSS to Web
  • RSS to Mobile
  • RSS to Mail
  • RSS to OPML

I can see definite advantages in using this – weekly newsletters, automatically updating websites, etc. Fantastic!