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DVD Flick – burn any video file to DVD!

Lifehacker has a great guide to using a program called DVD Flick. This free, open-source, Windows-only program allows even novice users to burn videos in a range of formats (DivX, MPG, etc.) to playable DVD.

DVD Flick

This is a great solution for a variety of situations. For example, some schools are limited to a projector per department, so a teacher would be able to use DVD Flick to write a DVD of some downloaded/shared video file and show it via an inexpensive DVD player hooked up to an existing TV.

I do think that digital video is the way forward, but we need tools such as this for interim stop-gap times when we’ve got no other choice because the hardware just isn’t there. This is certainly one to spread the word about!

2 thoughts on “DVD Flick – burn any video file to DVD!

  1. Love this program, old retired man like me can, take grandson, wedding pictures, and burn to dvd, to play 0n tv. I bought and installed Roxio to do the job but it kept freezing up my computer. With Roxio each time I would hit create disk. My computer wood freeze bad. I may have been doing something wrong

    I have had no problem with DVD Flick just good Pictures
    Thnk You

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