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Month: October 2006

The Community as the Text

In Is There a New Community With This Text? Building a New View of Teaching and Community, Chris Sessums looks at the transition from ‘Learning 1.0’ to ‘Learning 2.0’ in which

the community becomes the text, a place where ideas, data and information, converge and are decoded and encoded in both meat- and virtual space. Guided by the instructor, the collection of students that forms the class/the community, learn how to study, observe, and make sense and meaning out of each others’ work, each others’ texts.”

Chris Sessums – ICT and the ‘locus of control’

An interesting post by Chris Sessums about how ICT changes the ‘locus of control’ in educational institutions:

Is the locus of control of learning different given ICTs and social software and what should educators do?

In formal educational settings there is an unresolved tension between the individual and the institution. Institutions are responsible for accrediting learners and learning. Courses and programs are designed to meet standards set forth by varying accreditation agencies which set policies and in many cases determine what is to be taught, how “mastery” is defined, and whether or not an institution is properly qualified to deliver the goods, so to speak. Assessment and not students or institutions thus signify the locus of control.”