Thinking About Web Literacy, Making, & Sharing with Mozilla [AUDIO]

Yesterday my colleague Laura Hilliger and I had the opportunity to talk to the good people at the National Writing Project about Mozilla’s work. We discussed the Web, Mozilla’s mission, and Web Literacies. You can check out the audio at the link below, or click here or here.

Famous for 42 seconds. [AUDIO]

Like tens of thousands of people around the world I’m a regular listener to the BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed podcast. In fact, as it’s usually around 27 minutes long it’s perfect for my 5k runs (including warm-up and warm-down, obviously…) For those of you who don’t listen to it, Laurie Taylor – who’s voice […]

Purpos/ed, the #neverendingthesis and productivity [Ed Tech Crew podcast 165]

In the spirit of owning my own data and keeping everyone up-to-date with when stuff is published elsewhere, this is a heads-up that Andy Stewart, co-kickstarter of Purpos/ed and I were interviewed by the Ed Tech Crew recently. We covered everything from Purpos/ed itself to my doctoral thesis and productivity. Give it a listen! (Running […]

#uppingyourgame: an audio preview

I was interviewed last week by Tim Bradburn of Connected Teaching (@cpd4teachers) who was interested in having me expand up the ideas contained in #uppingyourgame: an educator’s guide to productivity. In the extracts below (taken from the interview) I explain my belief that productivity is a learned behaviour based upon serenity, reliability and focus.


My ‘Edonis’ interview with David Noble

David Noble, a Scottish educator with a long track record of innovative and supportive blogging and podcasting, interviewed me last month. He too is doing an Ed.D. and has interviewed me as part of it. :-)

Podcasting: Step 3 – Converting and uploading your podcast ready for the masses!

Before reading this, you should have gone through the steps indicated in these two posts: >> Podcasting: Step 1 – RSS and setting up a teacher blog >> Podcasting: Step 2 – Recording and editing your podcast In this last part of the Podcasting guide, we’re going to convert our audio masterpiece to a format […]

Podcasting: Step 2 – Recording and editing your podcast

Read/act on this first: Podcasting: Step 1 – RSS and setting up a teacher blog In the last session we set up a blog and learned what RSS was. Let’s just remind ourselves of what podcasting is, shall we? So podcasting is when you deliver audio files to ‘subscribers’ automatically using an RSS feed. This […]

Podcasting: Step 1 – RSS and setting up a teacher blog

Over the next three weeks, staff e-learning sessions will focus on getting started with podcasting. This first session starts off with the basics you will need as a teacher before even pressing that ‘record’ button: An understanding of what RSS is. A blog onto which to put MP3 files. The easiest way to get your […]