Zen and the Art of Digital Literacies (#EdTech12)

Zen and the Art of Digital Literacies

I’m keynoting the Irish Learning Technology Association’s (ILTA) annual conference (#EdTech12) today and for the first time have created my slides using web-native HTML5 and CSS3.

Click here or on the image above to access them!

About Doug Belshaw

Husband, father, teacher, researcher, doctor (edu), speaker, leader, swimmer, camomile tea drinker. Currently at @Mozilla working on @Webmaker and #webliteracy.


  1. Hi Doug,

    I picked up the ZEN reference in your earlier post and found it really helpful – links so well with the Sir Ken Robinson stuff …. SO … I was keen to see this presentation.
    The first page loads OK but all I get is a single image – no way to see your pearls of wisdom.

      1. I’m also seeing only the first slide. The presentation takes a long time to load so I presume the rest is there, but there are no page turning arrows, so I can’t navigate past slide 1. Tried in both Safari and Firefox. 

  2. Hey Doug-
    I’m getting the same as Bob and tried it in both Chrome and Firefox. Opening page but no additional pages.

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