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What’s this?

What would you call this?

Answers on a postcard or, failing that, in the comments section below! :-D

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  • Nick Dennis

    Like the use of Balsamiq there.. :D

    • Doug Belshaw

      Actually Keynote and *then* Balsamiq… ;-)

  • _MisterG


    • Doug Belshaw

      Nice one! :-)

  • Keith Belshaw

    A planned presentation

    • Doug Belshaw

      Thanks Dad :-)

  • Greg Carroll

    Apple … they work hard to be here. Even given the extortionate business practices, antennagate and the like. Where they fit for me ;-)

  • Nicky-1066


  • Brian Wis

    A 21st Century Educator

  • Mark Warner

    The answer that came into my head when I first read this post…

  • Rob Reynolds

    The future

  • Mark Warner

    The first answer that came into my head when I read this blog post:

    • Doug Belshaw

      LOL! Thanks – I hoped that someone might answer that. That centre point is
      where my interests lie, but I haven’t got a name for it yet…

  • frogphilp


    • Doug Belshaw

      Trust? In what sense?

      • frogphilp

        Educators use technology most effectively when they trust it and so are productive. Good design makes technology more easy to use and so more trustworthy. When people are productive they trust each other more and so collaborate together and are better at educating each other to design things better and produce better technology.

        • Doug Belshaw

          I might have to ‘borrow’ that… :-)

  • Daniel Dominguez

    I suggest innovation! You can also add other components. For example, if you add “society”, then you have social-innovation; if you add “open”, then you have open-educational innovation, etc.

    • Doug Belshaw

      Great idea! :-)

  • psbenson5

    The red dot could be replaced with a heart … Metaphor for oxygenation of learning around these 4 key arteries … 21st century educator’s ‘love of learning’ …

    • Doug Belshaw

      Nice one!

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