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Commitments for 2010.

CC BY-SA eschipul

There’s no point in making ‘resolutions’ when it comes to January 1st. Instead, what’s important is to make commitments – or to re-commit to things you’ve let slip. That’s the purpose of this post.

My guiding principle in 2010 shall be Gandhi’s exhortation to Be the change you want to see in the world. To that end, in relation to my activities here, I shall:

  1. Be positive
  2. Not obtain money through channels I believe to be inappropriate (e.g. advertising, most forms of consulting)
  3. Respond to blog comments
  4. Use as few words as possible to get across my ideas

What have I missed?

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  • paul martin

    Be big

    • Doug Belshaw

      What do you mean by that? :-)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Doug,

    I’m intrigued by why you consider consulting inappropriate? Do you mean just for you or in general?


    Mark (who makes a living as a consultant)

    • Doug Belshaw

      Hi Mark, no offence meant. I’ve just seen quite a few people (online and otherwise) go from being effective educators to rather parasitic consultants. That’s not for me.

      There must be lots and lots of effective consultants out there. I’ve just not met many of them. ;-)

      • Anonymous

        Hi Doug,

        No offence taken at all. I think the problem is that it’s very difficult to be a consultant and practitioner at the same time. Those sort of opportunities rarely come up.